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Pumpkin Peanut Butter

Our Pumpkin Peanut Butter treats are our most popular flavor, and it's easy to see why!! The natural combination of pumpkin and homemade peanut butter provides essential fiber, protein, and healthy fats, promoting overall health. Made with all-natural ingredients, these treats are loved by dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our customers rave about the positive reactions from their pets when they gobble them up.


Brew City Barkery


The genesis of Brew City Barkery didn't start out with an epiphany in the middle of the night. It started by combining the love of our dogs and beer. Anyone with a picky pet at home can attest that finding healthy treats your dog will eat is a challenging and expensive quest. We have such a dog, an American bulldog mix named Milo, who we adopted in 2013. Stella, our pitbull mix joined our family in 2015. She is more than happy to eat any treats that Milo turns away.

My husband, Kurt, began brewing his own beer at home as a hobby. During the production of beer, grains are combined together to create the flavor of a beer. Once the sugars of the grain have been drawn out through the fermentation process, what results is the left over husks of the grain. Normally home brewers discard this leftover grain into the trash. What a waste! After a little research revealed that not only was the leftover grain healthy for humans and animals, it was also a high source of fiber. After learning this, I became determined to make healthy, eat it every time, dog treats that contained this nutritious source.

With some trial and error and a lot of doggy drooling, the first batch of dog-approved, eat it every time, dog treats was born. With our kitchen full of healthy, all-natural dog treats we were excited to start passing them out to other dog owners we knew, to see if their dogs loved them as much as ours. When we found out how much their dogs were enjoying our treats, we decided to start Brew City Barkery, a gourmet dog treat company built on love and picky eaters... and beer.


Our Products

Ingredients sourced in the USA

You can never be too careful with the food you give your pet. That's why we make it a point to source our ingredients in the USA. Since 2016 we've manufactured all of our treats ourselves here in New Berlin,WI! We believe in using simple ingredients in our treats, because you deserve to know what you're feeding your pet!  Let's be honest, there are too many dog treats on store shelves now-a-days that are filled with chemical and artificial ingredients! Our treats are for dog owners that want their furry companion to enjoy a healthy, all- natural treat, made with limited ingredients and void of any byproducts.

We invite you to try Brew City Barkery treats, made with your dog in mind. 

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